The Balneario de la Magdalena is the largest leisure and nautical leisure facility in the North of Spain facing south in the privileged setting of the Bay of Santander, one of the most beautiful in the world. It is 2 minutes from the center of Santander and has a wonderful terrace on the beach of La Magdalena; It also has a dining room with air conditioning and fantastic views of the bay. It has the necessary services to develop all kinds of events: business lunches / dinners, private parties, baptisms, communions, etc.

The new direction wants to bring a new gastronomic style to the place so that your visit does not go unnoticed and be come preferential place in your agenda for your family and business events.


    · Iberian ham
    · Iberian ham salad with foie shavings
    · Cantabrian artisan anchovies
    · Tuna belly with red roasted peppers
    · Tomato salad
    · Seaweed marinated tuna tartar
    · Smoked cod carpaccio
    · Caprese salad
    · Cantabrian king crab pudding
    · “Salmorejo” (cold tomato soup)
    · White anchovies in vinegar

    · Arrow head squid battered deep fried-bites
    · Vinaigrette or specy tomato sauce mussels
    · Garlic shrimp tails
    · Pan sautéed or specy tomato sauce clams
    · Grilled scallop clam
    · Grilled shrimps
    · Grilled octopus
    · Thai style veggie wok
    · Homemade porcini mushroom croquettes
    · White beans with clams

    · Cuttlefish in its ink stew
    · Slow temperature cooked cod in tomato and red peppers sauce
    · Caramelizad tuna tataki with grilled vegetable salad
    · Chef´s style onion tuna
    · Grilled or fried sardines
    · Fried anchovies

    · Beef tenderloin with red peppers
    · Grilles entrecote
    · Big beef chop
    · Homemade tripe stew

    · Seafood rice “paella”
    · Lobster rice

    · Homemade cheesecake
    · Ice cream and brownie
    · Mascarpone cream with red fruits